Jawai Bandh Rajasthan

Jawai Bandh Rajasthan

Jawai is a river originating from Udaipur, Rajasthan and it is a tributary of famous Luni River. Jawai bandh Rajasthan is a dam built across the Jawai River near Sumerpur Tehsil of Pali district in Rajasthan. A village near Jawai bandh is also named as Jawai and nowadays hot tourist destination. Jawai Bandh Rajasthan is also famous for Jawai leopard conservation reserve near Bera. The best part of Jawai leopard conservation reserve is human and big cats lives peacefully in same environment hence leopard safari in Jawai tourism is in great demand among tourists.

Jawai Bandh

Jawai bandh is superb example of old engineering and architecture. It was built by King Umaid Singh of Jodhpur in in 1957. The work started in British rule in 1946 and after 11 years hard work and dedication got completed in 1957. Till date it is consider the biggest dam in western Rajasthan. The dam has capacity of 7887.5 million cubic feet and covers an area of 102,315 acres of cultivable command area. The dam is biggest water reservoir in western Rajasthan and used for water supply in Jodhpur and some part of Pali districts. Jawai bandh is also a temporary shelter for migrated birds and nearby hilly area is permanent residence for big cats (leopards). Jawai bandh has crocodile sanctuary and amazing place to see big creature in natural environment.

Jawai Leopards

Leopard comes in panther category and one of the five big cats available in India. Jawai bandh is heaven for leopards because it has all what a leopard life require e.g. - riverine forests, grasslands and woodland. Jawai leopards are very friendly with human environment and hence one can enjoy leopard safari in Jawai. In India leopard population is very limited according to 2015 animal count approximately 8000 leopards are present in India. The Jawai leopard conservation reserve is famous for its leopard density in India and hence amazing choice for leopard safari tourism.


The Jawai bandh Rajasthan is well connected place as far as transportation is concern. As far as railway connectivity is concern it is located between Ahmedabad- Ajmer route and nearest airport is Dabok, Udaipur. One can visit Jawai via road also because road connectivity is also super in the region.

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By - Vishal Mittal
Date - 2017-09-28