Jawai Hills - Camping in Rajasthan

Aravali hill range is said to be the oldest existing mountains in the world. It is protecting the Rajasthan city for several centuries. India’s leopard hill which is located on the plains adjoining the aravali hills in Rajasthan is now a major tourist spot. On the ancient hills of aravali you can find leopards which are conspicuous and they have lived peacefully with the villagers for centuries. You can spot the big cats in the aravali hills in Rajasthan like nowhere else in the country as Jawai hill contains the highest density of leopards. The hill is surrounded by jawai bandh, grassland, riverbeds and grazing ground. The hills were shaped by lava millions of years ago and now the rock shelter and natural caves have become home to the leopards and many other animal species. The Jawai hill is rich in wildlife. Along with leopard one can spot other animals like Indian stripped hyena, sloth bear, wolf etc. While trekking one can see many langurs on their way. Although it is said that leopards are solitary animals, the behavior of the leopards existing in the Jawai hills will force people to rethink about their views about these predators.

Camping in Rajasthan

The Jawai dam is the biggest dam in western Rajasthan. The fascinating wildlife around the Jawai dam makes people visit this place from different parts of the country. Crocodiles, flamingoes and many other migratory birds are seen near the dam. If you are a wildlife lover, camping in Rajasthan will be a nice idea for you. Leopard Nature Camp arranges tours and camping in Rajasthan for all the nature lovers. We also provide tent and rooms for accommodation where you can stay comfortably enjoying the peaceful surrounding around you and feel the natural beauty. The best season to visit Jawai hill is from July to April. As the place is well connected to the major cities of India by road and by railway it has become easier for the people to visit this lovely place. You can get down at falna (FA) which is the nearest railway station. The camping packages of Leopard Nature Camp are less as compared to others and we do not compromise on the quality of service.

We not only arrange for leopard safari tour but also add on other things like visiting the tarzan point, trekking in water valley, adventure valley, sloth bear safari, exploring the village and many other activities in the camp like start gazing, DJ night, birding, camp fire etc. While camping in Rajasthan you can also get a glimpse of the culture and colorful lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan. Our guide will give you a lot more information about Jawai area and the wildlife while traveling. We take care of every need of our tourists. Extensive research is being done by us by taking the help of the localites so that we can provide maximum satisfaction during your stay in Jawai. Book your holiday with Leopard Nature Camp and get a chance to observe the wildlife from closer.

By - Vishal Mittal
Date - 2017-09-21