Jawai Leopard Camp

Jawai Leopard Camp

If you are planning to explore breathtaking views of the beautiful Aravali hills along with wildlife adventure then the Jawai leopard camp tour is for you by Leopard Nature Camp. Come hang out, meet new people and spend time learning about wildlife from the most closest. We at Leopard Nature Camp ensure that your time and money is worth to spend on Jawai leopard camp tour packages.

Why Jawai Tour ?

When we talk about Jawai camp region basically bera is the attraction from tourist point of view. Bera is a hidden gem in the middle of Rajasthan as far as tourist destinations are concern. It is unbelievable for many travellers that leopard roam free in Bera and live peacefully with human beings. If you are real wildlife enthusiast and want to see big cats life from the closes possible way than Jawai or Bera is place for you. No other place in India except Bera where you can see leopard from very close distance by staying in best leopard camp at bera. The location is very accessible hence it is just 180 km from Jodhpur and 150 km from Udaipur hence if you are planning to visit any of the mentioned city you can visit Jawai easily and get life time experience.

Best Wildlife Experience at Bera

We at leopard Nature Camp serving tourist and wildlife enthusiast by providing best leopard camp at bera. Our tents sites are equipped with luxury infrastructure and provide full safety while your stay at with us. We know the importance of safety and equally value you love towards leopard safari hence we conduct wildlife tours under expert guidance. No other Jawai leopard camp is providing such personal services like we at Leopard Nature Camp provides from small request to big corporate setup arrangements. Whether you are travelling solo or travelling with family we have exclusive arrangement for each individual at bera. Your experience of Jawai camp will be amazing when you choose us as a travel companion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see wildlife at Jawai, book with best leopard camp at bera and enjoy your holidays with comfort. For booking fill contact us form or call us on our numbers, one of our friendly executive assist you for your customized requirements.

By - Vishal Mittal
Date - 2017-10-30