Jawai Nature Camp

Often people think that the ‘big cats’ are solitary animals. Visiting Jawai hills where these ‘big cats’ reside will change your opinion about them. The leopards on the Jawai hills live together peacefully with humans. Although it is said that leopard is elusive, the Jawai hill will prove this statement wrong. One can often have leopard sightings near the natural caves and rock shelters of Jawai hills. The picturesque location of Jawai will make all the nature lovers go weak at the knees. Along with the sight of leopards, one can also see other wild animals like wolf, sloth bear, hyena and many migratory birds.

Leopard Nature Camp takes you to the unexplored place of wildlife conservation where you will get a thrilling experience into the wilderness. This place is considered as a hot tourist spot. Leopard Nature Camp not only arranges leopard safari tour but also put the culture and life of the Rajasthani people on the platter. The tour also includes crocodile sightseeing, trekking to water valley, sloth bear safari, exploring the village and lots of other activities like birding, campfire, farm visit etc. All these come under a budget which is suitable for everyone.

People who are really interested and passionate about wildlife tours must plan a trip with Leopard Nature Camp to explore the wildlife of Jawai region and make a life time experience worth remembering. You will get unique accommodations and get your travel needs fulfilled. For all the enthusiasts out there get a chance to get close to nature by planning a tour with Leopard Nature Camp. Few journeys in life will be such that it will leave you spellbound and you will be grateful for witnessing such natural wonders. To know more about it you can contact Leopard Nature Camp who will be happy to assist you.

By - Vishal Mital
Date - 2017-09-04