Jawai Tour Experience

I had a great fascination for wildlife and one fine day I decided to take a tour to Jawai region of Rajasthan where I could experience the biodiversity along with their rich cultural heritage. Jawai region is well known for the perfect harmony between nature and human. ‘Big Cats’ are a common sight in this region which is seen only in a handful of places across the country. This makes Jawai one of the favorite tourist spot. The nature lover can consider it to be a heaven on earth. Along with the ‘big cats’, you can also see a lot of other wildlife species like hyenas, hares, foxes and different species of beautiful birds like pelican, robin accentor etc. You can also sight crocodiles near the Jawai Dam.

I along with my family booked a tour for 2 nights and 3 days with Leopard Nature Camp. I reached the place early in the morning. On reaching the spot I was introduced to my guide who could be taking me to different spots into the wilderness to witness the scenic beauty of this place. We were given accommodation and breakfast. As crocodile safaris and leopard safaris are done early in the morning we were all set to go towards the forest area. Our guide shared his experience and told us certain facts about these ‘big cats’ during the journey.

On reaching the spot we were mesmerized to see the ‘big cats’ in their natural habitat. We could also hear the mantras from the nearby temple. Next, we saw the crocodiles and many migratory birds near the Jawai Dam. The next day we went to witness the view of the waterfall of 182 ft gushing over the rocks at Bheel Beri. We also enjoyed the Rajasthani food. The trip was indeed adventurous. The facility which was given by Leopard Nature Camp was excellent and was all under our budget. The accommodation in a real wilderness tent was also an awesome experience which is worth cherishing for a lifetime. Thanks to Leopard Nature Camp for this adventurous trip.

By - Nilesh Patel
Date - 2017-09-04