Kashmir of Rajasthan

Kashmir of Rajasthan

Leopard Safari takes you to the unexplored place of Rajasthan where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, rich culture and witness a dense forest and wildlife. You can get the mesmerizing view of the waterfall of 182 ft gushing over the rocks at Bheel Beri. You can feel an unusual humming sound of the waterfall vibrated in the air. It is a great opportunity to get close to nature. To book the tour in advance contact us now.

Water Valley

With Leopard Nature Camp you can also visit the famous Shiv temple which is situated on the Aravali hill through trekking. You can find hundreds of Langoors in your way. It will indeed be a very adventurous trip; an experience worth remembering. You can find water flowing through the stones and rocks. You can also visit the Ganga Mandir which is amid the water stream. This place is rich in biodiversity and a perfect picnic spot. Contact us now to plan a tour.

Adventure/Tribal valley:

Rajasthan has many tribes who have a very interesting history. We at Leopard Nature Camp also take you to the tribal valley on Aravali Hills. You can get to know their customs, culture and also see their cultural dance and songs along with their beautiful handicrafts. If you are keen on visiting the tribal valley don't stress out. Consult Leopard Nature Camp now.

Aravali on wheels:

Leopard Nature Camp takes you Goram Ghat which is one of the most beautiful places of Aravali. You need to board the train which has an ancient track. You can see the beautiful scenario outside the window when the train moves uphill. The train slowly moves amid the dense forest. You can also see fountains and even small waterfalls. The greenery and natural beauty of this place are awesome. To experience this scenic beauty book your adventure holiday package with us now!

Rajasthani food items

The cuisine of Rajasthan makes it distinctive and popular from other states. Dal/Bata/Churma, Khobi Roti, Bhakri, Makki Roti, Tukud, Ker Sangri ki Sabzi, Bajra Rotla etc are some of the famous dishes from this state. Every foodie must taste them at least once. The trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without experiencing their scrumptious dishes.

Rajasthani food is incomplete without Dal Baati. This dish is believed to have originated during the founder of the kingdom Mewar- Bappa Rawal. Baati was the preferred war time meal. The soldiers used to bury the dough under a thin layer of sand to bake under the sun. When they return from the battlefield, they get the perfectly baked baatis which they consumed with ghee.

Later on, when traders of Gupta Empire settled in Mewar the dal and baati combination became popular. Five lentils are mixed to prepare it along with cloves and other spices.

Churma was believed to have accidentally invented when mistakenly a cook of Mewar poured sugarcane juice into baatis. He realized that the baati became softer. From then onwards the baatis were dipped in sweet water and eventually churma was evolved from the sweet crushed baati.

Khobi roti is made from atta and it needs a considerable amount of time for kneading the atta. It is much thicker than the regular rotis.

Ker Sangri ki sabzi is also a popular dish and to make this dish a lot of oil and spices are used to keep it fresh for longer period of time. You can refrigerate it and have it within 2-3 days.

Haldi ki sabi is made from raw turmeric and ghee is used to prevent the bitterness of the turmeric. Other ingredients like curd, red chilly powder, dhania (coriander seeds), hing (asafoetida) and salt are used.


Rajasthan has a wide range of unique delicacies. Another special and seasonal authentic Rajasthani vegetable are the Gunda methi. Fresh Gundas are found during the summer season in Rajasthan. The seeds inside are removed and then prepared. This delicacy lasts for several days even without refrigeration.

Panchkuta is made of dried beans and wild berries. It validates the mantra of ‘simple flavors can make wonders.' Other vegetable items like kair sangria, kumatia, aamchur, methi papad sabzi etc are also famous.


There is a list of snack food like pyaj kachori, mirchi bada, masala khichia, gheria, kadhi fatta, dev tomatoes, lehsun chutney, kachri chutney, bafla bati etc will make you drool instantly. A trip to Rajasthan without digging into authentic Rajasthani food is incomplete.

Organic products:

Get organic products for your household from us. We procure products like grocery staples of high quality. Our mission is to get the organic products from the tribal of Rajasthan and sale it directly to the consumers in Ahmedabad and other states so that the most efficient source reaches the highest demand center across the country. Also, the tribes can get the best price for their produce. To get the organic products you can contact us now.

Antique rare items:

For all the people who love to collect antiques, we offer rare Rajasthani artifacts which are around 50-100 years old. Get old coins, objects of brass, bronze, wood, ammunitions etc which are from Maharaja's opulent. We visit rural Rajasthan and collect these artifacts from them and sell it to the once who are interested in collecting artifacts. Contact us now to avail those products.


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By - Vishal Mital
Date - 2017-09-04