Rajasthan is well known for its royal places. But it also has adventurous destinations like Jawai. Jawai is an untouched land where you can capture the glimpse of ‘big cats.’ It is situated on the Aravali Hills which is a home to the ‘big cats’ which roams freely into the wilderness. One can sight them near the caves and rocks of the Jawai Hills which is their habitat. The beauty of the countryside mesmerizes the tourists. While the population of leopard has been decreasing in the country, it is increasing in number in the Jawai region. Therefore, it has become a hot tourist spot. It’s a rare scenario where the people of Jawai and the big cats live without any conflict. You can also hear the bells of the temple which is located halfway up on the Hills. This region is rich in flora and fauna. You can also sight the beautiful waterfall of 182ft which is hidden in nature of Rajasthan. You can go for an adventurous trekking and explore the place to get ravishing sight of scenic beauty.

Keeping in mind about one’s passion for wildlife, Leopard Nature Camp arranges a safari tour for all travelers. Tents and rooms are provided around the dramatic wilderness. The experienced guide takes the travelers into the Jawai’s predominant attraction to sight the leopards. People are found to be residing and sharing the landscape with wildlife for centuries. Not only do they arrange for leopard safari but a lot of other activities like crocodile and sloth bear sighting, bird watching, village safari, trekking, campfire, tribal safari, fishing etc are carried out by Leopard Nature Camp. Camping under the stars will be one of the glamping experiences. You can also get to know the traditions of the village people and their unique form of dance. Enjoy on the small wilderness paradise in the Jawai region with Leopard Nature Camp.

By - Vishal Mital
Date - 2017-09-04