Wildlife Tours in Rajasthan

Wildlife Tours Rajasthan

Rajasthan is most under rated territory for wild life tours in India. However due to hard work of Rajasthan tourism and private tour operators’ wildlife tours in Rajasthan is getting its due. Whether it is Ranthambore National Park or Jawai leopard conservation reserve you will see the unexplored beauty of wildlife in Rajasthan at its best. It is noticed that traveller travel Rajasthan for fort, palaces, sand dunes and temples and missed the wild part of it but we at leopard nature camp at Jawai assure you that do not miss the wild part of Rajasthan and book wildlife tour in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Wildlife

The geographical of Rajasthan and especially Aravalli mountain series make it the heaven for many wildlife creatures like lions, tigers, leopard, hyena, deer, chinkara and godavan. Government initiatives to preserve wildlife in Rajasthan is going well at grass root level and now Rajasthan wildlife and wildlife tours in Rajasthan is getting required publicity among domestic and international travellers. Apart from government efforts local citizens, private tour operators and forest department of Rajasthan is also working very hard to preserve and promote Rajasthan wildlife on world map.

Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve

Jawai leopard conservation reserve is a first of its kind in India for leopard safety. The region is near Jawai dam (well known as Jawai bandh) and stretch along the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan. Jawai region is covered three major districts area including Jalore, Sirohi and Pali and considered as a heaven for wildlife in Rajasthan.

Leopard Nature Camp

Leopard nature camp is luxurious stay at Jawai and provides various activities to its guest. You can explore and enjoy wildlife in Rajasthan with us. By keeping your comfort and luxury in mind we have multiple stay option at leopard nature camp which includes hotel stay and camp stay. Our expert tour guide will help you to explore Jawai region in depth and tells you more about Rajasthan wildlife, fauna and flora of the region.

To know more about leopard nature camp and wildlife tours in Rajasthan contact us or write us. One of our friendly sales executive will be in touch with you for further assistance.

By - Vishal Mittal
Date - 2017-09-15